Monday, September 08, 2008

The Back Passage

Now for those of you who might have a nervous disposition shouldn’t read on as this blog is about quite a racy novel. Yes I have delved in to the world of erotica in my latest read, something that I have to say I don’t do very often. Erotica on the whole can be pretty appalling for a start there is invariably absolutely no plot what so ever, and if there is one its pretty lame, unless of course you are Anais Nin who one of my friends Polly loves. I know the author (real name Rupert Smith) and was also doing a feature on him for work so I hesitantly dipped my toe into the world of erotica and the world of Mitch Mitchell… and loved it.

The scene is set in the countryside on a weekend away for Mitch Mitchell to celebrate his friend Boy’s betrothal. Once he arrives a murder takes place and Mitch starts to detect that things may not be as they seem and that everyone in the country house has a secret or seven hidden away.

Now it being erotica there is a high amount of sex in it, in fact the author states he isn’t happy unless he has ‘at least one orgasm in every chapter’ for the characters, and maybe for the readers himself. It is graphic and raunchy but it never seems unnecessary or crude it helps the plot move forward be it a policeman who has information or a butler who has access to all the rooms in the house… Mitch will do what is necessary, and fun for him, to find out whodunit.

The book also has humour by the bucket load so while you are gripped with the mystery of the murder, and getting involved in the never ending sex life of Mitch, you also find yourself laughing and just getting through the book before you know it. Not only is there humour and a plot but fabulous characters. Mitch is a loveable American wannabe detective who deep down is looking for love but is happy with anything he finds along the way. You also have a host of other characters like queeny Leonard Eagle, hard done by Meeks and the sadistic cop Kennington. As the author says its ‘Agatha Christie with c**k’. Sorry if that’s offended anyone, but you did read on!
If you like a good old fashioned murder mystery or you just like a juicy racy number then this is a great novel. You laugh, you get hooked, and you try and work it all out whilst having a very jolly read. Some people would say that erotica is not a form of literature; I would suggest to all of them that they read a James Lear.

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