Sunday, June 14, 2009

Waving Goodbye & Then Waving Hello

So after taking in all of your feedback I made the decision that I am definitely moving to pastures new and if you are reading Savidge Reads on Blogger then it’s a farewell, if you are looking at Savidge Reads on Wordpress then “hello and welcome” as it is officially my new home so from now on do drop your comments on the Wordpress one

I wouldn’t say that the move has been emotional as I think that might be a slight over dramatisation. It has been a bit difficult in terms of saying goodbye to a site I took so long to get right and I was worried that none of you would follow me but already I have found your commenting there, I now get email alerts when you do which completely flummoxed me at first. It’s not been difficult swapping to Wordpress at all though and I am not the most technological man in the world.

A few of you said you would like to know how the transition was and the answer is… really easy. I won’t lie, I did find the new dashboard a little daunting but the forums and support are cracking help as you go. I am only annoyed that I simply cannot for the life of me work out how to make a “Currently Reading” tab but I have some help coming on that one from the lovely Lizzy Siddal. The best thing about the move I am hoping is that I will be able to interact with you all much more. I mentioned I get notified of your comments now and rather than reply in bulk I can now do it individually. I have started working more on the additional pages which you should be able to see around Tuesday, keep your eye on the Book Group page particularly, in fact Tuesdays blog will link into that too… but more of that later.

Before I go I just want to say a HUGE thank you to you all for your feedback it meant lots to me, now its all done I will be catching up with your blogs tomorrow I promise.
Do bear/bare (I can never get that right) with me while I sort out things like ‘tags’ which has been my one and only nightmare in terms of dragging the blog from one site to another and while I get used to accidentally deleting and finding things. It will all be worth it hopefully! Oh and don’t forget if you have my site in your top blog links (I flatter myself some of you might have) to update the link and let me know when you have as I will do the same back. Did that make sense? I think it’s all been a bit much this weekend, ha!

Oh and one final change… my email address, you can now get hold of me at

Erm that’s it for now… it’s all new as of tomorrow!


Sandy Nawrot said...

I'm changing the address in my reader right now! Congrats! No worries. Will follow you wherever you go!

Matt said...

So am I. When I made the leap from blogspot to wordpress, I worried the beta program won't transfer all my archival posts and comments to the new site. But it was magic! :)