Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Blog on Books?

Some people would question why someone of twenty five would want to keep a blog on books. I know some people do it to be extremely literary and to give you the guides of what you should and shouldn’t read. I don’t want to do that, if I love a book I will rave about it and if I loathe a book I will let you know. I won’t say you ‘must’ or ‘must not’ read something as we all have different tastes. I also promise to never give the ending of a book away I cannot bare people who do that.

I am also not going to give people any tips on how or when to read. Some people can read 2 or 3 books at once this is something that I simply cannot do. I won’t ever say you must never give up on a book, something I strongly believed in for a while, more on that in another blog in the future. I am simply going to blog the books I read, say what I thought and make blogs on anything else I see in everyday travels, papers, TV etc. Basically I will blog anything about books, from books themselves to book thoughts and the like. I love books and I want this to be a blog for book lovers and something of a reader’s diary.

So maybe I should give an insight into myself. How have I become a bookworm? Well, I blame it on my Gran and my mother. They both have a rather large (some may say mini library) in each of their homes. My mother was also an English teacher (she is now a primary school teacher) and I guess somewhere along the way it rubbed off and I was hooked. What book hooked me? I’m not sure, I read a lot of Enid Blyton when I was a child as well as Jill Murphy, I think two particular books that made me read in my childhood were ‘The Hounds of The Morrigan’ by Pat O’Shea and ‘The Whitby Witches’ by Robin Jarvis. Since then I have always pretty much had a book on the go, I think between 1998 and 2000 I had a severe reading drought. Now some might say I have had a major reading flood. I read anywhere and everywhere, yes occasionally its been known to happen at the dinner table, there always has to be a book in my bag a major rule I live by.

The one person who knows of my reading habits (and who has to put up with my 10 flat pack boxes of books slightly excessive I know) is my partner Mr B. He doesn’t quite get it, he certainly doesn’t mind, but he would never read as much as I do. I used to think it was because he was Brazilian and it being a second language books are harder to read, no it’s just him. He puts up with it, unless I am reading at the dinner table as above or am expecting him to share in the carrying of a massive tome if we are on a day out.

So do I have a goal or major reason for the blog? No. I don’t have a goal that I must read a book a week, I could read only one this year, not that that would make for an interesting blog. Last year was one of highs and lows for my reading. I gave up reading my first book ever, I read some books that I never thought I would (thank you book group) and am diversifying the types of books I read. So what goals have I set? I have only set one goal in my mind so far which is to try and read more classics I haven’t really touched any in the last year and I used to read a lot of them.

So here’s to a read-a-thon of a year! I hope you will join me on my journey through the world of books.

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