Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blogger With A One Tracked Mind

It shows how you can have a plan that you are going to read something and then suddenly that plan changes. I had decide that after Agatha Raisin I would go for a good old crime book, after having seen a show on Channel 4 about bloggers who have become authors and in particular women who have chosen to write about their sex lives I decided that I would give Abbi Lee's a go.

I am not going to review the book as though she has sold an absolute bucket load of them and a negative or 'not bothered' review is sure not to affect her sales, I dont have much to say about it. I didnt hate it, I didnt think it was brilliant, I just read it. It does what it says on the tin though sadly doesnt have any depth to it. It is interesting though the level of books that have become blogs and sold in their thousands. Belle Du Jour is probably the best well known one, and is now a TV show with the delightful actress Billie Piper. I wonder what the next big blog craze will be, I am hoping that books will be the 'new sex blogs' hahahahaha not that that quite works. I think its great for those who get a deal out of it, and a little envy ha, but if this is the new way we are getting authors like 'Wife in the North' etc then all power to them.

This blog was a bit of random waffle. Sorry. A proper review of the next book will come soon, now I just don't know what to read next, any suggestions?

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