Sunday, January 25, 2009


No long blog today as I am in the middle of sorting all the books that have come in plus all the ones that I have got already and sorting which ones am realistically never going to read (none of the recent ones I have been sent of course) as you can see I use the staircase for my new 'incoming' books as they arrive which the Non Reader has declared is a health and safety issue.

Then after the stairs have been decluttered and made 'safe' I have the joys of sorting my TBR which in all honesty is organised very badly and really should have some kind of organised system I guess! Sorry did I say TBR, I meant my TBRs! Yes thats right I now appear to have two seperate ridiculously large TBRs that even I as the person who owns them has no idea of what is in which one. How do you guys sort your TBR do you update it weekly or switch it around after each book? Do let me know! Anyway here are my current ones for you...
TBR1 and TBR2

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