Friday, May 15, 2009

The New Books In Town...

I know that today's post is later than I would normally post of an average day but frankly this couldn't wait. Earlier this evening I was priviledged to be invited to the opening of a new bookstore as a 'local lover of books'. Was it a new flagship store? Erm, sort of...

It was the brand spanking new Oasis Charity Book Shop store. I wasnt the only person invited some members of the council popped by as did our local Labour MP who I had a very good natter with... not about politics of course... about books. We did this all in a deightful setting as the shop itself had a full refurb before any books entered. The backroom had become a buffet but will be a cosy reading corner (wonderful idea) and the front fiction section is lovely, fresh and bright. (I don't think that the balloons are always up nor is there always a buffet on - these are small things!)

Of course I kow what you are all wanting to know... was there a goody bag or did I go spending crazy???? Well despite the fact that the books are 5 paperbacks for £2 or six hard backs for £3 (you can't go wrong with that can you?) I was very restrained and only came away with two books, which are ones that I have been looking for, and only £1 worse off!

I felt an extremely happy customer as I walked away with Oscar & Lucinda and Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha! There is no doubt that this is going to be my favourite local haunt! Do you have a local haunt? Have you read either of the above books and what reading plans await you this weekend? I am planning on reading a few short books as feel havent read enough books this month at all!


Sandy Nawrot said...

I'm not sure if I would consider my bookshops "haunts". They are not nearly that interesting! There is a used paperback store around the corner from me, but frankly it is overwhelming, and requires much digging, sometimes with poor results. I've sorta decided to buy no more books, unless it is on my Kindle. I already have my review copies, books I've won on giveaways, and library books. I'm drowning in a sea of books!

Savidge Reads said...

Oh you are a Kindle convert, which is fair enough I have yet to be convinced by these things Sandy! I am officially drowning in a sea of books, but what a way to go!

claire said...

Simon, I'm so happy for you! Remember when you said you had a hard time looking for bargain books near you? Anyway, I've read Paddy Clark, it was entertaining. Paddy is so cute. :D

Savidge Reads said...

I have heard mixed things on Paddy sadly Claire. Many people said the dialect written words are irritating, I am going to just give it a whirl. I didnt have a hard time, a reader did and unless they live down the road from me they are stuck. I have about three other awesome shops in a mile radius - which is also deadly!

Unknown said...

I have lots of local haunts similar to yours - which is why I have so many books! I came away with 5 extra books from a charity sale today, and am off to the car boots over the weekend, so I'm sure I'll add a few more to the pile from them.

I have read both books you mention. Paddy was OK, but nothing special - I didn't have a problem with the dialect at all.

I really enjoyed Oscar and Lucinda.

I'm still working my way through the Oranges - are you still planning to read them all?

Candy Schultz said...

Unfortunately there are no longer any good bookstores in my area. There is a Borders and a Barnes & Noble which are not good bookstores. There is one used bookstore but it caters to romance and thriller readers so, sigh, Amazon is my haunt.

I have both those books on my shelves but haven't read either.

You know in England you guys are so lucky. You have a much better educational system and a lot more readers than we do over here.

Unknown said...

I remember loving Paddy Clark, but I read it the year it came out. I've always found Peter Carey a bit of a struggle, myself.

How I'd love a shop like this one around the corner from me.

Kim said...

Sounds like you are going to have to keep a very close grip on your book buying budget, Simon, especially with temptation is so close by. Can't help but think that the charity bookshop marketing people knew just who to invite to the opening of the new store :)

There is a second hand book shop in our village which I hate to pass by without at least a peep inside (read - without coming away with at least one book).

I know I am probably the last person in the world to have done this, but I finally picked up a copy of du Maurier's, Rebecca (and a copy of My Cousin Rachel, too) at said book shop Thursday and have scarfed half of it down in one sitting....I'm in heaven right now.

Savidge Reads said...

Jackie - I am still planning to do them (especially as the publishers have sent me them) but am getting some research in first but will be properly cracking as of next week as time is running out!

Candy - I have to say I do think the British are on the whole quite well read but I wouldnt say we all are to be honest. Amazon is a good haunt, its cheap... I just dont tend to browse so much there.

C.B - The fact you liked Paddy has filled me with hope!

Kim - I think they chose well, was a bit surreal being a very very very zlist local celeb for a few hours!

Unknown said...

I was intrigued by your comment on my blog about knowing who is going to win the Orange prize.

Before reading any - who do you think is going to win?

kimbofo said...

Ah, I have three wonderful charity shops near me -- two Oxfams and an Amnesty International bookstore -- where I have discovered many wonderful books over the years. I also donate my used books to them when I've got the energy to cart them by foot (I don't have a car).

The two books you bought are two of my all-time favourites, so I hope you enjoy them.

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha is very moving and really takes you into the mindset of a young boy. Oscar and Lucinda, about two gamblers, is kooky as hell but I loved it. The film is also very good.

Savidge Reads said...

Jackie - I am not saying until I have read that particular book, so you'll have to guess until then!

Kimbofo - Two Oxfams... thats just greedy ha! Is it just me or has Oxfam recently started to charge more not that its much mind lol.

Dear All - I am afraid to report I have already been back!

Unknown said...

Spoilsport!! The idea is to predict it before you've read any, and then see how your opinions change after you've finished them all. LOL!

My prediction seems to change with every book I read!