Monday, May 04, 2009

What Arrived Before I Departed

I dont know how interesting other people find these but I have always loved seeing what fellow book bloggers have either been sent or been out and bought of late. If you are one of those people who dont like those sorts of blogs then you might want to look away now...

The latest books to have been sent from lovely publishing people to Savidge Reads Towers are (for those of you who cant see the picture well, or dont like reading sideways);
The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite - Beatrice Colin
Home - Marilynne Robinson
The Invention of Everything Else - Samantha Hunt
A Long, Long Time Ago & Essentially True - Brigid Pasulka
The Earth Hums In B Flat - Mari Strachen (actually from a blogger not a publisher)
The Behaviour of Moths - Poppy Adams
Burnt Shadows - Kamila Shamsie
Ask Alice - D.J Taylor
Devil In Disguise - Julian Clary
The Glass of Time - Michael Cox
Now some of you maybe thinking "he has already read Lilly Aphrodite" well yes I have and this was a suprise arrival from the lovely Caroline at John Murray who had sent a parcel only its was "To Simon's Gran" c/o Savidge Reads not actually just another copy for me! This was a truly lovely thing to have done and I will let you know my Gran's thoughts when she has read it. It has been mine (and Caroline's) favourite read of the year so will be intrigued how Grans takes to it. I am slightly worried that through the amount of mentions that she gets in this blog Gran might suddenly become infamous herself. That would never do ha!
I am not going to give you the blurbs for all the books as I think that may over egg the pudding but it gives you a hint as to what is coming up in my reading in the rest of May. By the time I am home the rest of the Orange short lists should have arrived and this is one of my big reading plans for May before the winner is announced in June, I do have to say though that I think I might already have a definate idea of who will win just from a gut feeling having not read a word. Lets see if the reading changes my mind or proves that particular book is deserving of winning.
The other thing that has, oddly quite quietly, been announced is The Richard and Judy Summer Read which I am having a lengthly mental debate as to whether to do it as another challenge for the next few months or am I biting off more than I can chew... I am never as big a fan (bar The Island) of the summer books they choose but the list this year there is one I have already read (Mr Toppit) and several I would love to read (Guernica just sounds wonderful) I shall mull it all while I am away.
So of the new books which ones have you read (no plot spoilers please) or have you read others by any of the authors mentioned? Any Orange/Richard & Judy Summer Reads thoughts? What books do you have on the go?


Candy Schultz said...

Well I am definitely a philistine. I have not read a single one of those titles. Nor have I heard of any of the authors. I am not trying the Orange list. I still have a couple of last year's Booker long list to read.

Victoria said...

I have 'Home' and 'Burnt Shadows' on my TBR at the moment. I'm very much looking forward to the former (because I *loved* 'Gilead') but the latter has me cold. My partner is reading it at the moment and keeps rolling her eyes, huffing and being generally displeased at it. I'm reading 'The Invention of Everything Else' at the moment - Orange Prize shortlist challenge - and the jury is out. I like it and I don't like it; the pace is frenetic and then slow and then plain confusing. Hmmmm.

You've also reminded me that I must get round to reading some Michael Cox.

Sandy Nawrot said...

"Over egg the pudding??" I love it! I say this about every three of your posts, but you crack me up. And, by the way, I think your Gran is already infamous. Better make peace with the fact!

Anonymous said...

'Home' is fantastic. One of my books of the year so far, and you must also read 'Gilead' which goes with it. Can't think of a better way to describe it as it is not a sequel/prequel.


Unknown said...

I'm not going to read R&Js summer reads. As you say, they are normally not as good as the normal book club, and my TBR pile is big enough already!

I look forward to your thoughts on the Oranges - I've finished 2, and have the other 4 ready and waiting to go!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Savidge Reads said...

Candy - I dont think anyone could call you a reading phillistine could they? Will you be doing the Man Booker Longlist this year?

Victoria & Lucy - I am definately going to read Gilead before Home as everyone has been telling me its a must read and the do seem to be a pairing.

Sandy - My Gran is threatening to start blogging... am nervous lol.

Jackie - I dont know why but R&J's summer reads have me wavering!!!! I am trying to tell myself no, no, no.